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2D & 3D 





We are expert in preparing so detailed 2D mechanical design drawings in CAD as per customer’s demand. Our 2D drafting department make preparation of setting plans, general arrangement drawings, various detail drawings and all kind of fabrication drawings for process equipments.

Our industrial equipment design teams develop detailed designs and manufacturing as well as fabrication drawings to aid uninterrupted manufacturing of heat exchanger of various types including shell and tube type, air cooled type, plate heat exchanger, plate and shell, waste heat recovery, cooling towers etc. We have drafters competent in utilizing sketching and modeling tools to  o deliver best practices of heat exchanger design as specified in manufacturing standards such as ASME Section VIII, Div. 1 for “U” stamp certification and NBIC for “R” stamp certification.




We provide 3D modelling solutions for any type of process equipments.  Our qualified engineers use the latest standards and techniques in 3D modeling for mechanical engineering projects to develop your mechanical models. 

We help collaboration of your design teams with the manufacturing shop floor engineers by developing comprehensive 3D CAD solid and surface models. Our CAD modelers develop comprehensive 3D models with strategic points and DXF files to generate NC code directly.

Shell & Tube heat exchanger 2D drafting
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