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Basaranlar Proses industrial air dryers and air heaters are designed for use with water, steam, or oil as heating or cooling medium. The heat exchangers are manufactured from individual elliptical or round finned tubes, or from smooth tubes, or as compact heat exchangers. Finned-tube heat exchangers can be made from numerous materials: steel, stainless steel, copper/aluminum, aluminum and other special materials. 

Some advantages to select Basaranlar Proses air dryers and air preheaters:

• Aerodynamically suitable tubes

• Low pressure drop, as well as minimal fouling and contamination

• Large heat-transfer coefficients, resulting in small heat-exchange surface areas

• Good corrosion protection by hot-dip galvanizing

• Compact design that enables good utilization of limited floor space

• Maximum life cycle

• On going optimization of the finned-tube system by computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulation



The steam coil air preheater, also known SCAP, preheats the combustion air before entering the air preheater (APH) to increase the minimum metal temperature in order to raise the average cold end temperature and to prevent acid dew point corrosion.

Steam coil air heating systems are widely used in industrial furnace systems, incineration systems, crude distillation plants, steam reformers and fired heaters for global oil, gas, and petrochemical industries.

Basaranlar Proses can supply a steam heat system as a single unit, or more commonly in combination with an air preheater as one package. The SCAP design can be manufactured from a variety of materials, suitable for a wide range of temperature applications.



For fuel-fired industrial heating, preheating the combustion air flowing to the burners is one of the most efficient and energy-conserving ways to enhance the productivity of your processes. Investing in a customized system designed by Basaranlar, recuperating the heat energy from the exhaust gas stream, not only reduces the CO2 emission and climate change, it reuses available energy in a smart way while saving you fuel consumption and costs.


We supply a wide variety of custom-made air preheaters (APH) for applications to heat the air for furnaces, industrial boilers, steam reformers, box heaters, vertical cylindrical heaters, incineration systems, ammonia and methanol plants, and fired heaters. Depending on your application, we design preheaters manufactured for various media from a range of materials suitable for low temperatures or high temperatures up to 900 – 1000 °C.

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