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Fin tubes are required in a constandly increasing quantity for the production of heatexchangers, condensers, coolers and furnaces. The great increase of the thermal efficiency when applying fin tubes allows a substantial reduction in size and costs of such cooling equipment. The surface of such tubes is substantially increased and consequently less tubes are required compared with exchangers with plain tubes.

Basaranlar offers one of the world most diversified finned tubing product lines. Although specializing in a helically wound brazed finned tube, we offer many of the other forms of fin to tube attachments available in today's market. Pricing and delivery is competitive.

We produce finned tubes below:

  • L-Fin

  • LL-Fin

  • KL-Fin

  • G-Fin

  • Extruded Fin

  • Welded Fin

  • Spiral & Corrugated Tube

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