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Basaranlar designs custom compressed gas precoolers, intercoolers and aftercoolers for extreme and tough conditions. Basaranlar compressed gas coolers reject the heat that is added by compressor equipment to the compressed flow. Compressed gas coolers are commonly used in compressed air, compressed natural gas and other process gas applications


This Compressed gas cooler equipment is used the power generator to prevent overheating from the temperature increases in the inner insulating materials. 
By using hydrogen or air as refrigerant and a system of specially designed fins, this machine effectively transfers heat and cools the power generator. 

- Design and manufacturing by applying ASME, TEMA, PED, DOSH code 




- Available for engineering and manufacturing with short lead time 
- Main Material 
* Tubes(CuNi90/10, Stainless Steel, Copper) 
* Tube sheets(Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Naval Brass) 
* Plate FINS(Aluminum, Copper) 
- Type of Cooler 
* Vertical / Horizontal

  • Inter cooler - plate fin and high fin

  • Aftercooler - plate fin and high fin

  • Hydrogen cooler - plate fin and middle fin

  • Lube oil cooler - low fin and turbulator

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